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On this page you will find information on the memorials we supply, the different types of stone both Granite and Marble and various designs from Headstones, Cremation Stones and Kerbsets.

You will also have the opportunity to download some examples of these memorials so that you might begin making and discussing what is a difficult decision to make in choosing a memorial. Then at the foot of the page the corresponding pricelist for this range may also be downloaded.

This is only one of the ranges we supply so please don't forget to send us an email with your address so we can post to you our full and comprehensive range.

The first download section is the Classic Brochure Introduction

Thereafter each section is Highlighted so you can choose between both granite and Marble headstones, Kerbsets, Cremation Stones, Children's memorials and you will also be able to download help with Designs, Inscriptions and Colours available.

As always any help, information or advice that you might require should you have any problems downloading these brochures then please do not hesitate to send us an email or telephone and we will be happy to provide the appropriate assistance.

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Granite Headstones


Granite is quarried from a variety of countries and vary greatly in colour and price. The main colours available are in Red, Black, Blue and Grey but more unusual colours and shades are becoming popular. Granite is normally more expensive than marble and may be double the price in some designs as it is a difficult material to shape and cut. This hardness ensures that the memorial is almost maintenance free as polished granite can not be stained and only requires a wet wipe with a sponge to restore the material to its original condition. Leaded letters can not be fitted into this material and instead the engravings are simply sandblasted on by machine and painted, often in gold, to stand out.

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Granite Headstones (continued)

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive memorial service, and show a selection of the most popular polished granite and marble memorials available which also comply with most cemetery regulations. We can arrange for additional inscriptions to, and renovations of, existing memorials.

All shapes of tops of headstones and designs are interchangeable, and parts of several designs can be incorporated into one. Alternatively, individually-designed memorials are available.

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Marble Headstones


Quarried in Carrara, North West Italy, this material is classically white to blue-white in colour and veined with darker blue/grey markings. Marble can also be seen in a darker blue/grey colour called Dove grey marble. The main advantage of marble is that it can be carved and shaped by hand to produce attractive and intricate designs. Leaded letters can also be fitted into the stone and these are the most permanent form of engraving as they normally last for up to 20 years without need of treatment. Marble is a long lasting stone but it should be cleaned periodically to reduce the effects of weathering as the pores of the stone can soak up dirt. It is for this reason, that marble stones should never be fixed on graves that lie beneath trees or bushes, as leaves and bird droppings will leave permanent stains.

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Marble Headstones Continued

At Memorial Memories our aim is quite simply to provide you with a memorial of the highest quality and value for money along with excellent service.

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Granite Kerbsets

Kerb surrounds are the most effective way of enclosing either a grave space or cremation plot. We can make a kerb surround to fit almost any memorial where cemetary regulations allow their installation. Of course the memorials shown are also available without the kerbs.

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Granite Kerbsets Continued

Kerb surrounds can be installed with an optional cover slab in the same material if required, providing a truly maintenance free solution. Alternatively we have chippings available in a wide range of colours to complement your chosen memorial stone colour.

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Marble Kerbsets

Marble Kerbsets can be supplied in place of Granite and look serene and beautiful in white. Chippings or a cover slab may also be supplied. As before each of the headstones shown can also be provided without the kerbset please contact us for prices if so required.

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Cremation Stones

These tend to be smaller and mark the place where the ashes were interned of scattered. A wide range are shown and the dimensions can be altered to suit the particular Cemetery or Churchyard where they are to be placed.

Please download some cremation stone examples

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Childrens Memorials

On the last page you will find our Granite Memorial Guide listing the colours available. Please note that all granites are natural minerals and may differ slightly in texture or colour.

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A vase can be used to compliment a headstone perhaps being inscribed to add a personal message from another member of the family. They can be used as markers for cremation plots either as a stand alone in place of a cremation stone or as is commanly seen as an addition to a family burial plot where ashes have been interned within the same grave.

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Special Designs

Our Craftsmen can make any design of your choice in either Marble or Granite. So if there is a particular design you have seen or if you have a particular idea then please let us know. We will do all we can to help with your personal request. We can speak to the relevent Cemetery or Churchyard on your behalf to see if your idea can become realised

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Etching Designs and Inscriptions

A number are shown here with various etchings on them once again we can show you a number of designs or we can etch your own on to the stone.

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Granite Colours

If you have seen a coloured stone then it will be Granite, Marble is only available in white. Granite comes in a variety of colours some of which you can see from downloading this section. Once again if there is a particular colour you have seen and you dont see it here then please ask us we will be able to provide you with your choice.

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Download Further Inscription Examples and Help

Inscription and verses


We can share our verses with you and will help with the wording in anyway. Obviously options of your choice can also be applied

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Memorials by Design Pricelist

Please download the Memorials by Design pricelist here. Dont forget however that if you require us to send our full range of brochures to email us through your request (Please state if it is a Headstone or a Cremation stone that you require so that we might send the correct brochures)please email us at


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Acceptance Mark

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